About My Lash

Eyelash Growth Treatments

My Lash provides a liquid that is applied to the base of your eyelashes like a liquid eyeliner. It is absorbed into the hair bulb which is situated below the skin and it stimulates the hair cycle. This results in an increased growth rate of the hair and the hair produced is longer, thicker and darker.

The treatment is the first and only FDA approved treatment for eyelash growth. It was originally launched by a different company in America in 2008 and sold over 2 millions sets in the first year alone. The My Lash service provides a free consultation with a doctor for those wanting to grow longer eyelashes. We then arrange for delivery of a treatment to your home or office.

What results can I achieve?

Studies demonstrated the average results achieved:

  • A doubling in each lashes individual thickness.
  • A minimum of 25% increase in each lashes length.
  • Lashes that appeared darker due to the increased thickness.
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    Safe & Efficient

    This service has a focus on patient safety. Doctors are the core of our service to ensure a safe and efficient system.

    How the Service Works

    Fill in the online questionnaire and you will be contacted by email with your treatment options. You will then be able to pay for the treatment which will be sent by recorded delivery. If the doctor decides that it is not in your best interest to receive treatment without a face to face consultation then there is no payment involved.